Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Pre Construction

Pre-qualification of team members including trade contractors;

– We work closely with our clients to identify local subcontractors and consultants, if required, capable of producing quality design and workmanship. This particularly critical for complex projects including historical restoration projects.


Design Development (DD) and budgeting;

– Working closely with the design team and our client we help ensure that design fits with our client’s budget and expectations. This occurs with a progression of Design Development and corresponding budgets with reviews and client approvals at each stage.  In some cases, trade contractor review is solicited for an added layer of insight into design, specifications and development of scopes of work, prior to tender.  This is controlled through a series of design charters and budgeting meetings, lead by TRiNiTi.  Refer to “Pre construction Services”



– Pre-tender meetings are held to ensure all parties understand what is expected in terms of the scope of work and pricing, prior to submitting bids on tender packages.  This helps to ensure there are no surprises discovered later, due to design or tender document scope gap.
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Construction Execution

– Sub-trade start-up meetings are conducted with each trade to ensure their understanding of the specified requirements for quality.
– Use of mock-ups and trade shop review to ensure the level of quality meets requirements of specifications and the owner’s expectations. 

– We will ensure specified quality is achieved for each discipline of work prior to subsequent work commencing.

– Regular site inspections with the Consulting Team will ensure conformance with specifications. We implement a comprehensive program, modelled after CSA best practices for project commissioning, that ensures an orderly and timely transfer and project closeout for all stakeholders. Our goal as partners in the project is to ensure the building is constructed, commissioned, and transferred according to original expectations set forth in the contract, project plans and specifications.  Our process will identify all systems start-ups, documentation, demonstrations and training required, for operations staff to operate the facility. We believe it’s the last 5% of a project that leaves the lasting impression.  Construction can be executed successfully however if the building is handed over to the client and their operations team does not know how to operate the facility or has not received all the required documentation then the project will be seen as a failure.  For this reason, Best Practice dictates that the process starts at the beginning of the project not towards the end as with less effective GC practices. 

Initiate and Transfer

The last 5% of a project will define it’s success.  If the project is executed well but transferring to the owner’s operations is unsuccessful, the entire project may be seen as a failure.

Ensuring that the owner’s operations staff have all the necessary training and documentation related to the faciltiy’s systems is of paramount importance when transitioning from a construction project to an owner’s operating facility.  For this reason it is critical to have a robust and efficient process to  INITIATE the operational facility and TRANSFER it properly to the owner’s operations staff.

We implement a commissioning process during pre-construction, this process lends itself perfectly with LEED projects and the LEED project scorecard.

Ensure system testing, start-ups, commissioning and testing are milestone activities on the project schedule.

Establish date of sustainable performance;

Ensure that all trade contractors have completed their work and rectified all their deficiencies;

Arrange for an assist with the coordination of faculty start-up, commissioning and verification of all building systems and, if relevant to this job, the monitoring of the Building Automation System;

Ensure that as-built drawings, manuals, flow charts, test results, commissioning reports, and maintenance instructions are properly assembled and forwarded to the consultants and operating staff;

Arrange for training and provide ongoing technical support to to the owners maintenance staff;

Ensure that all deficiencies are corrected expeditiously;

Finalize all sub-contracts and release of holdbacks;

Establish amount and date of final payment.





Our success is driven by years of experience and our ability to provide exemplary construction services for competitive fees. We remain passionate about what we do and our innovative approaches to construction management.