Parkway Mall – Metro Facade Restoration


The Parkway Plaza was built in 1958. In 2015 it became the first post-war supermarket in Ontario to achieve historical status.  The design of the Plaza located at Ellesmere Road and Victoria Park Avenue in 1958, celebrated the space age era in the Toronto’s eastern suburbs.

A major overhaul of the Parkway Plaza in the late 1970s wrecked many of the original modern design features. Unfortunately, the circular record store building was demolished and the stores enlarged into space previously occupied by the parking lot.

The revamp turned the shopping centre in on itself. Stores that used to face the outside world were reoriented to have their windows and entrances inside the mall, a move that left the complex with a forbidding facade of service doors and blank concrete walls.

The additional retail space also overwhelmed the supermarket, diminishing its once-dominant presence at the west end of the 20-acre site. At some point, its wooden support beams were covered with concrete.

Since 2005, when A&P sold the Dominion brand, the supermarket has operated under the Metro banner.

In 2009, Parkway Plaza became the first post-war supermarket building to be added to the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties, and it was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act in May, 2015.

Jump to April 2020:  This is where TRiNiTi comes in. Our latest project includes managing the delivery of the restoration of the Metro Façade. This includes:

Window wall restoration:

  • Removal of the existing glass
  • Cleaning and resurfacing of the existing steel mullion framework using an electrostatically-applied coating.
  • Installing new tempered glass

Glulam curved beam restoration:
The ends of the arched beam have rotted and will be restored with new wood sections.
This requires an engineered shoring system to support the roof structure while sections of the curved beam are removed and replaced.

Metro Facade - Parkway Mall