Accuracy Accountability and Awareness

Schedule Accuracy

  • MS Project
  •  Intelligence and experience
  •  Integrity- schedule based on realistic timelines considering market conditions and available resources to build a credible schedule 
  •  Review of commitments of all team members including key trade contractors and suppliers
  •  Use of milestone activities
  •  Use of two week look ahead schedules
  •  Regular review and updates


  • Review with team members not dictated to regular weekly review
  • Two week mini-schedules
  • Schedule included in sub-contracts
  • Operational impact assessments and scheduling


  • “Buy-in” based on good communication and input solicited from all
  •  Use of logs that include dates and commitments for project activities including pre-construction and submittal phases
  •  Regular project meetings include take away action items
  •  Risks are analyzed for schedule impact
  •  Initiative and and persistence to achieve timely communication and decision making 
  •  Accountability ties commitment to results